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Complete your Registration!

Haven't gotten your 2018-2019 Referee card and crest yet? That means you haven't completed your registration. In order to complete your USA Hockey Referee registration and be eligible to work games, you must:

If you have completed all of the above (or think you have completed all of the above), you can check your status by logging in to the USA Hockey Registration System and click on the "My Profile" menu item. If you forgot your USA Hockey password, use the "Lost your password?" link to recover your password. Note that this is not the same password as your password for this site.

In addition to completing your USA Hockey registration, Officials over age 18 and all Florida Officials must have a completed background screen on file. Background screening must be renewed every two years for most Southeastern District Officials and annually for Florida Officials. You can check your background screening status by logging on to this web site and selecting the Members => Officials menu item. If you need to complete or renew your background screening, you can read all about it on the Background Screening page.

Only a Few Seminars Remaining

As you can see from the Seminar Page there are less than a half dozen USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminars left at each level in the Southeastern District have been completed. You can see the remaining sessions on the Seminar Page or go to the   USA Hockey Courses listing to see remaining availability and sign up for a seminar. You must reserve a seat to ensure a place in the class. Classes are filling up and those who do not have a reservation may be turned away.

Attendance at any USA Hockey Officiating Classroom Seminar will fulfill your seminar registration requirement. If you can't find a class in the Southeastern District, you can see available sessions in other districts on the USA Hockey Courses listing. Make sure you sign up for a seminar at the same level as your registration.

If you are a new Official, DO NOT register with USA Hockey unless you are sure you can attend one of these seminars. Seminar attendance is required to complete your registration. USA Hockey does not offer refunds for incomplete registrations.

Advanced Officiating Symposium

USA Hockey is now accepting reservations for the first annual Advanced Officiating Symposium for Officials applying for the new Tenured Official status. The Symposium will be held July 26-28, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN. Registration is open only to Officials who have been completely registered as Level 3 or Level 4 for the previous three seasons. Attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meals with discounted room rates available at the symposium venue, the Minneapolis Airport Marriott. Registration is $475 with a special $425 early bird rate for reservations prior to January 1, 2019. The cut-off date for reservations is July 5, 2019. You can download a copy of the Symposium flyer here You'll notice that the symposium offers advanced officiating training conducted by an elite team of instructors from the NHL, AHL, IIHF, NCAA, and USA Hockey.

USA Hockey has established the Tenured Official program for Officials who have demonstrated a long-term dedication to the USA Hockey Officiating Program. The first group of Tenured Officials will be established during the 2019-2020 season. Attendance at the Advanced Officiating Symposium is required in order to earn Tenured status. Tenured Officials will not be required to attend an annual Officiating Education classroom seminar or pass the closed book test in order to renew their registration. In order to renew their annual registration, Tenured Officials will be required to complete an abbreviated Online Education Module and pass of the Open Book Rules test. Background screening and SafeSport is still required. Tenured status will continue as long as the Official maintains his or her completed registration status. You must be a completely registered Level 3 or Level 4 Official for the previous three seasons in order to apply for Tenured status.

You can read more about the USA Hockey Tenured Official program and the Annual Officiating Symposium at the USA Hockey USA Hockey Tenured Officials page.

Officiating Assignments

USA Hockey has added the ability for Referees to select the districts where they can be assigned to work games. Your completed USA Hockey registration entitles you to officiate any USA Hockey-sanctioned game nationwide. Your registration is based on your home address. You are automatically registered you in your home district, but if you work games in another district, you can add that district to your USA Hockey Profile. This will release your registration information to assigners in that district so they can verify your eligibility to work games.

For example, if you live in West Virginia, you will be registered in the Mid-American district. If you work games in Maryland, you should add the Southeastern District to your profile. A list of the USA Hockey national districts can be found in the USA Hockey Directory. We have full instructions on how to update your profile on our Out-Of-District Officials page.

USA Hockey does not maintain background screening information, so you are still responsible for sending your background screening to the Screening Coordinator for the other districts. Instructions for the Southeastern District background screening can be found on our Background Screening page.

You Make the Call!

During a Midget (U-16) game, you mistakenly assess a major plus a misconduct for butt-ending. After the game, while reviewing the scoresheet, you realize that the correct penalty should have been a major plus a game misconduct.

What is the Call?

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